Top luxury hotels in New York


New York Manhattan New York is one of the most visited places in America. The city is filled with a variety of accommodations. Whether you’re visiting for travel or business purposes, New York offers a handful of luxury accommodations you can choose from. We’ve listed some of the best luxurious accommodations you can find in New York.

Ace Hotel

Located in Mid Manhattan, Ace hotel is a cool and luxury hotel that attracts all kinds of travellers from all over the world. Historic buildings and local arts surround the building. It attracts all sorts of people including local business owners, freelancers and international travellers. Manhattan is known for it’s chaotic and lively atmosphere and if you’re looking to explore this part of the city, the ace hotel would be a perfect choice.

Life Hotel Nomad

New York is home to thousands of business workers, and this hotel will provide everything you need for business travel purposes. It offers the complete package including amenities like Wi-Fi, comfortable bed, workspace, shower room, catering, bar and so much more. It’s also ideal for any travellers who wish to experience a luxurious stay in Manhattan.

The Wyndham Hotel

Situated in a tourist spot, it’s the perfect luxury accommodation for anyone looking to stay and explore the heart of New York. It’s located near Time Square and offers a high level of service of accommodation, places to eat and other extra amenities that will enhance your travel experience.

Andaz Wall Street Hotel

The Andaz Wall Street Hotel offers a modern and sleek luxury accommodation that will both cater to personal or business travellers. It is located in lower Manhattan which is known for being one of the most historic parts of New York. The hotel’s interior is stylish and cosy with white walls and minimalistic decors and furniture. The hotel is also accessible for people with disabilities.…

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How to turn your car into a hotel


campervanTravelling and living in a car is becoming more popular with travellers. Not only do you save on accommodation but you get to drive anywhere you want. We all know that travelling can cost a lot of money so it’s a cheaper way to travel. However, if you’re travelling far, you might want to consider turning your car into a more comfortable space where you can comfortably eat and sleep. So if you’re planning a road trip or even looking to live in your car, we’ve come up with the following tips on how to turn your car into a hotel.


Assess if your car would be suited for a makeover. Ideally, you would want to take a car that’s a bit more spacious as you will need space for sleeping and eating. Usually, the most common vehicle for travelling is a regular van that can be customised.

Storage Space

Now that your car is ready, it’s ideal to create storage spaces for useful items that you would bring to your travels. For instance, you can build an area where you can store your kitchen utensils and your clothing space.


You’re going to be on the road most of the time so you may not always find a nearby place to shop and eat. So before hitting the road, make sure to buy plenty of food beforehand. Make sure you purchase kitchen equipment for cooking too. We recommend purchasing essential equipment such as a portable stove, pots, bowls and cutlery. If you’re thinking of buying fresh foods, you may also want to invest in a compact fridge or a necessary cooler.

Technology and Electricity

Travelling in a van doesn’t mean you need to compromise electricity. You can now purchase portable generators that provide you with power whether it’s charging your mobile phone or your laptop. You can also bring a wireless Wi-Fi where you can connect to the internet on the go.

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Where to stay in Peru Sacred Valley


peruPeru is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for its famous attractions such as Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. If you’re planning to visit the Sacred Valley, there are many stunning hotels that you may want to consider. To help you with your choice, we’ve picked out some of the most favoured hotels in Sacred Valley.


Belmond’s Rio Sagrado

The hotel is situated by the Urubamba River where visitors can enjoy the stunning view of the river.  It also provides a scenic view of Sacred Valley, and guests are provided with top services and luxurious comfort during the stay. There are also many activities that you can participate in such as yoga, horse riding and feeding the hotel’s alpacas.

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba 

The hotel located on a hill overlooking the breathtaking view of Sacred Valley.  The rooms are built with wide and tall windows where each guest can enjoy the view to their own. They also provide many kinds of activities to keep their guests entertained during their stay. The offer activities including hiking, bird watching and many more.

peruExplora Sacred Valley

The Explora Sacred Valley is perfect for travellers who want the full adventure in Peru. Guests are assisted and welcomed on their arrival. What makes them different is they help the guests plan their day filled with plenty of activities and adventure. They provide a variety of activities and day trips including trips to Machu Picchu, bike adventures, mountain adventures and so much more. It’s an all-inclusive hotel where guests will be provided with everything they need during their stay.

Skylodge Adventure Suites

Skylodge offers a one of a kind unique experience where you get to stay in a luxury capsule that’s hanging from a top mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley. The capsule is surrounded with large bright windows that allow you see the stunning view of the mountains. It may sound scary for some, but it’s an experience that you won’t forget!

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Top luxury locations to stay

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When you have been working for months, it’s always nice to treat yourself to a holiday. To make the holiday even more special, why not try something different and go all out by choosing a luxury holiday overseas. To help you decide, we’ve listed some of the best luxury holidays in the world.



Dubai would be on this list! They are known for their luxury accommodations all around. It’s also famous for their jaw dropping locations including their man made world islands. It’s recently becoming a popular destination for couples and families due to their reputation and high standards1



Maldives is known to have the best beaches in the world. Their beach is famous for having a white sand and a crystal clear water. The location is famous for its picturesque views of the beach. It is surrounded

by luxurious villas, and they offer a variety of unique activities including skiing and underwater experience. They are also known for having an underwater dining experience where you can dine under a sea water aquarium with your close ones.



Mauritius is a beautiful island that is perfect for a summer getaway. They are known for offering the classiest beach resorts. Many well-known celebrities often fly to Mauritius, so it’s a perfect spot where you are most likely to see some well know stars around the world.



Barbados is a great destination if you are looking to stay in the Caribbean. If you’re into drinking cocktails and rum and partying on the beach, then Barbados is an absolute choice. Out of all the other locations, Barbados is an affordable stay for a luxurious holiday.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island in the French Polynesia. It’s filled with luxurious resorts and best known for their bungalow huts and their amazing underwater activities.…

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Where to stay in Ibiza

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Ibiza is a great location for a holiday getaway. But before looking to head over to this beautiful island, it’s ideal to find options to stay for your vacation. To help you find a place to stay in Ibiza, we’ve gathered some useful information that you can use to help you choose the ideal location to stay.


The nightlife is one of the main reason why people visit the area. When deciding on a location to stay, we advise that you have your options open as their nightlife aren’t always located in the centre of Ibiza, In fact, the clubs are spread all over the area. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about looking to stay in the centre.

So staying outside of town is available if you cannot find a place to stay near the centre.


However, if you are keen on staying in the city, we recommend looking at the location in San Antonio and es Cana which are the heart of Ibiza.




Villas and hotels are the most common type of accommodation available. The main difference is that hotels are much cheaper and there are food and entertainment on the site. Whereas a villa is all about self-catering and they are much more expensive as you are renting a whole house to yourself. If you are looking to stay with a group, it’s much better to choose a villa over a hotel.




Depending on your budget, renting a room in a hotel is much cheaper. However, if you are looking to spend time and money on their catering and activities, then your expense can be more expensive. However renting a whole villa can be costly, but if the costs are split among your group, then it is more likely to be cheaper. Staying in a villa means you can also budget on your food as it will be self-catered.


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Benefits of staying in hotels



When looking to travel away for a holiday, finding an accommodation is one of the important factors to look for. Of course, there are different types of accommodations that are available out there. Whether it’s a short or long period stay, many people tend to choose a hotel as one of their main options. There are many benefits of why you should opt in for a hotel when traveling away.

Safety and Security

Most hotels are equipped with safety all around, so it is better to stay in a hotel rather than risking it for a cheap hostel. When looking for a hotel, it’s important to research about the place you are staying in. You can even look at reviews by the previous customer whose experience staying in the hotel. Hotels are guarded with cameras and sometimes a security guard to ensure the safety of their customers.


Hotels are cleaned and organised every day. The standard of cleanliness is maintained throughout the year. They also provide your essentials and a comfortable bed to stay in. Comfort is important if you are staying for an extended period of time as well.


Most hotels are integrated with indoor and outdoor activities. So when you are not exploring the area, you always have some entertainments and activities that are available if you ever need to kill some time.


There are food services available. Normally breakfast, lunch and dinner are available throughout the day so you will never go hungry or you won’t need to explore too far for a quick meal. They even offer room service where they will deliver the food right outside your doorstep!

If you want a hassle free stay during your holiday, hotels are definitely the best choice. They cover every essential you need for your holiday so you can enjoy without worrying about anything!…

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Rooms for Holidays

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Finding the right rooms to stay at for holiday or business requires a bit of work, but the results will be well worth the effort. Often, your accommodations will make the difference in whether your trip is enjoyable or not. Whether you are looking for an extended stay villa or chalet, or just a normal hotel acommodation, you can find the best quality and deals by using the Internet and other resources to shop and compare.

Of course, the top places to visit with the best accommodations will depend a great deal on one’s personal tastes, the time of year and other considerations. However, there are some favourites among seasoned travellers.

London – One of the great capitals of Europe, London is a popular tourist destination that offers an excellent array of accommodations for every budget. If you are looking for something on the luxurious end, you can consider the 41 Hotel London opposite the Royal Mews. The Barkston Gardens Hotel is an excellent mid-range establishment located in Kensington and Chelsea. For budget accommodations, check out the Generator Hostel London, which is a great place to stay for backpackers and young travellers. Getting around town can be a breeze with local minicabs. You can book a London airport minicab service in advance and coordinate your itinerary for a hassle-free transport.

Berkshire – This county is set in the South-East of England. There are many attractions to visit in Berkshire including Ascot Racecourse, The Savill Garden, Windsor Castle and The Look Out Discovery Centre. Harvey’s Nurseries park homes in Berkshire are located just outside of Reading, close to the town of Caversham. The location provides a tranquil setting for a holiday while offering excellent connections to London, Oxford, Bristol and South Wales.

Lincolnshire – This rich country offers scenic landscapes and countless attractions including museums, castles, theme parks, nature reserves, and historic houses. There are festivals and events happening throughout the year for tourists to enjoy. There is also a wide array of hotels, serviced accommodations, and b and b’s in Lincolnshire to suit your taste and budget. Lincolnshire’s bed and breakfasts are perfect for short breaks or family vacations.

The most popular destination is the city of Lincoln, home to Europe’s finest cathedrals. Places to visit include Lincoln castle, Ellis Windmill, Lincoln Roman Ruins, and Doddington Hall. B and B’s in Lincoln are also top notch. If you ever come to visit, we recommend the award-winning Gables Guest House.

Paris – The City of Lights continues to enchant travellers as it did in the past, and you can find many great rooms here of all types. If you are looking for luxury, try the Le Burgundy Paris located at the “Golden Triangle.” A good three-star establishment with business center is the Artus Hotel on Rue de Buci.

Switzerland – Discover the the unspoilt natural beauty of the Swiss Alps for a relaxing yet fun filled stay. Couples, friends and families during holidays can stay in a catered ski chalet in breathtaking locations. Indulge in pampering sessions in the steam and sauna rooms or take to the slopes for ski and snowboard lessons for beginners to experts.

Bora Bora – If you are looking to get away from it all, then you need to consider a tropical paradise like Bora Bora in French Polynesia. You can stay on a cottage over ocean water at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, but the prices are high. More reasonably priced hotel accommodations for longer stays are available at Bora Bora Beach, where you will have access to excellent …

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