Top luxury hotels in New York


New York Manhattan New York is one of the most visited places in America. The city is filled with a variety of accommodations. Whether you’re visiting for travel or business purposes, New York offers a handful of luxury accommodations you can choose from. We’ve listed some of the best luxurious accommodations you can find in New York.

Ace Hotel

Located in Mid Manhattan, Ace hotel is a cool and luxury hotel that attracts all kinds of travellers from all over the world. Historic buildings and local arts surround the building. It attracts all sorts of people including local business owners, freelancers and international travellers. Manhattan is known for it’s chaotic and lively atmosphere and if you’re looking to explore this part of the city, the ace hotel would be a perfect choice.

Life Hotel Nomad

New York is home to thousands of business workers, and this hotel will provide everything you need for business travel purposes. It offers the complete package including amenities like Wi-Fi, comfortable bed, workspace, shower room, catering, bar and so much more. It’s also ideal for any travellers who wish to experience a luxurious stay in Manhattan.

The Wyndham Hotel

Situated in a tourist spot, it’s the perfect luxury accommodation for anyone looking to stay and explore the heart of New York. It’s located near Time Square and offers a high level of service of accommodation, places to eat and other extra amenities that will enhance your travel experience.

Andaz Wall Street Hotel

The Andaz Wall Street Hotel offers a modern and sleek luxury accommodation that will both cater to personal or business travellers. It is located in lower Manhattan which is known for being one of the most historic parts of New York. The hotel’s interior is stylish and cosy with white walls and minimalistic decors and furniture. The hotel is also accessible for people with disabilities.…

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Where to stay in Ibiza

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Ibiza is a great location for a holiday getaway. But before looking to head over to this beautiful island, it’s ideal to find options to stay for your vacation. To help you find a place to stay in Ibiza, we’ve gathered some useful information that you can use to help you choose the ideal location to stay.


The nightlife is one of the main reason why people visit the area. When deciding on a location to stay, we advise that you have your options open as their nightlife aren’t always located in the centre of Ibiza, In fact, the clubs are spread all over the area. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about looking to stay in the centre.

So staying outside of town is available if you cannot find a place to stay near the centre.


However, if you are keen on staying in the city, we recommend looking at the location in San Antonio and es Cana which are the heart of Ibiza.




Villas and hotels are the most common type of accommodation available. The main difference is that hotels are much cheaper and there are food and entertainment on the site. Whereas a villa is all about self-catering and they are much more expensive as you are renting a whole house to yourself. If you are looking to stay with a group, it’s much better to choose a villa over a hotel.




Depending on your budget, renting a room in a hotel is much cheaper. However, if you are looking to spend time and money on their catering and activities, then your expense can be more expensive. However renting a whole villa can be costly, but if the costs are split among your group, then it is more likely to be cheaper. Staying in a villa means you can also budget on your food as it will be self-catered.


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Benefits of staying in hotels



When looking to travel away for a holiday, finding an accommodation is one of the important factors to look for. Of course, there are different types of accommodations that are available out there. Whether it’s a short or long period stay, many people tend to choose a hotel as one of their main options. There are many benefits of why you should opt in for a hotel when traveling away.

Safety and Security

Most hotels are equipped with safety all around, so it is better to stay in a hotel rather than risking it for a cheap hostel. When looking for a hotel, it’s important to research about the place you are staying in. You can even look at reviews by the previous customer whose experience staying in the hotel. Hotels are guarded with cameras and sometimes a security guard to ensure the safety of their customers.


Hotels are cleaned and organised every day. The standard of cleanliness is maintained throughout the year. They also provide your essentials and a comfortable bed to stay in. Comfort is important if you are staying for an extended period of time as well.


Most hotels are integrated with indoor and outdoor activities. So when you are not exploring the area, you always have some entertainments and activities that are available if you ever need to kill some time.


There are food services available. Normally breakfast, lunch and dinner are available throughout the day so you will never go hungry or you won’t need to explore too far for a quick meal. They even offer room service where they will deliver the food right outside your doorstep!

If you want a hassle free stay during your holiday, hotels are definitely the best choice. They cover every essential you need for your holiday so you can enjoy without worrying about anything!…

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Find Perfect Holiday & Business Accommodation


The first thing you should work out is your budget along with some of the minimal requirements that you have for your hotel acommodations. If you are looking for rooms to stay at for an extended period, then you can usually find prices discounted off the daily rate.

Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, then you should not have any problem finding the perfect room depending on your destination. However, most of us will have only so much we can spend on accommodations, so price becomes an important factor.

If you’re looking for business accommodation then it’s essential you are provided with the right facilities, especially if you are staying for a longer period. Many serviced apartments cater for both personal and business needs. They could have a fully fitted kitchen and living space, an area to work in and may also have corporate meeting rooms. These corporate apartments are a far better option and value for money compared to other types of rooms available.

If you have some flexibility with dates, then you should travel during the off-season to get the best rates. At some very slow periods, you can even bargain with some establishment owners or managers to lower the prices even further. Give them a call before you leave to prearrange a deal.

The easiest way to search for good rooms is through the Internet. Many comparison sites exist that will allow you to compare rates for hotels, villas, apartments and chalets around the world. The best sites will even include photos of the establishment along with pictures of rooms and facilities. These hotels are more appealing and visitors are more likely to trust to have a good time there. If you are staying in the UK, there are many hotels in East Sussex like this, which are highly recommended due to the beautiful landscapes, peaceful accommodation and activities such as golf to participate in. They are also function rooms to use for business meetings. You can see all of these through the websites.

One thing that you have to watch out for, though, is any bias that might exist on the site. For example, you should avoid comparison sites that allow advertising and sponsorship from hotels and other providers as this could lead to favouritism in the reviews and ratings for paying clients.

Many sites offer reviews from travellers who have stayed at accommodations that you may be considering. These recommendations are a great way to get some idea of what you can expect. However, it is best to use sites that moderate the reviews and ratings to prevent spamming. Sometimes, accommodation providers themselves may write positive or negative reviews for their own purposes.

Many websites and bloggers offer reviews of international destinations along with available accommodations. You can also find reviews of hotels, apartments and other rentals in travel books, magazines and in the travel section of your newspaper.…

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