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Here are some top tips to consider when finding the best rooms to stay in:
• Ask friends, family and associates with experience travelling to a certain destination if they can offer advice on accommodations.

• For extended stays, make sure that you have a fully-equipped kitchen, on-site laundry and Internet access.

• If you do not cook, a restaurant or food service located at extended stay accommodations will be very convenient. You can even find catered chalets that offer excellent cuisine. These accommodations ensure that they provide only the best menus. They can also cater to vegetarians, vegan or any special diet.

• Do not be shy about bargaining with managers and owners for lower rates, especially if you will be staying for an extended period.

• Always have “Plan B” ready in case your rooms prove to be inadequate.

• While usually it is best to seek reviewed establishments, sometimes you can find “hidden” treasures if you have the right sources. For example, if you know someone from Istanbul, they may be able to give you a great tip on a hotel that does not appear in any of the travel sites or books.

• Location is important especially in big cities and remote areas. You need to ensure that you can get around conveniently. In some cities, it can take hours just to get across town, especially during rush hours. Find a location that will provide the best access to the sites that you plant to visit. If you are travelling on business, find accommodations near your commuting destination.

• For family travel, you will need to find accommodations that are family-friendly. For example, if you are travelling with a pet, then you need to ensure beforehand that there you will have somewhere for your pet to stay. Some establishments offer family discounts that can really help you save money.

• Utilise frequent flier miles and loyalty programs – If you travel frequently, then you probably qualify for special discounts on your hotel stays.

• Eco-friendly travel – Many people today are very conscious about where they stay, especially if they are going to remote, ecologically sensitive areas. You can find hotels and other accommodations that specialise in green travel by reducing their carbon and overall ecological footprint.