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Ibiza is a great location for a holiday getaway. But before looking to head over to this beautiful island, it’s ideal to find options to stay for your vacation. To help you find a place to stay in Ibiza, we’ve gathered some useful information that you can use to help you choose the ideal location to stay.


The nightlife is one of the main reason why people visit the area. When deciding on a location to stay, we advise that you have your options open as their nightlife aren’t always located in the centre of Ibiza, In fact, the clubs are spread all over the area. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about looking to stay in the centre.

So staying outside of town is available if you cannot find a place to stay near the centre.


However, if you are keen on staying in the city, we recommend looking at the location in San Antonio and es Cana which are the heart of Ibiza.




Villas and hotels are the most common type of accommodation available. The main difference is that hotels are much cheaper and there are food and entertainment on the site. Whereas a villa is all about self-catering and they are much more expensive as you are renting a whole house to yourself. If you are looking to stay with a group, it’s much better to choose a villa over a hotel.




Depending on your budget, renting a room in a hotel is much cheaper. However, if you are looking to spend time and money on their catering and activities, then your expense can be more expensive. However renting a whole villa can be costly, but if the costs are split among your group, then it is more likely to be cheaper. Staying in a villa means you can also budget on your food as it will be self-catered.